Cap Colors for Ophthalmic Medications

Eye Drop Cap Color Identification

The cap color of eye drop bottles is a standardized tool designed to help healthcare providers and patients quickly identify the type of medication contained within. This color-coding system facilitates accurate dispensing and administration, reducing the risk of medication errors. For example, blue caps generally indicate beta blockers used for glaucoma, whereas pink caps are often used for anti-inflammatory drugs. Red caps typically signify mydriatic medications used to dilate the pupil. Understanding this color scheme is essential for optometrists and other eye care professionals to ensure that patients receive the correct treatment, particularly when managing multiple medications.

Eye Drop Cap Colors

*AAO Recommendations
Adrenergic agonist combinationsLight Green
Adrenergic agonistsPurple
Anti-inflammatory, non-steroidalGray
Anti-inflammatory, steroidsPink
Anti-inflammatory, immunomodulatorsOlive Green
Beta-blocker combinationsDark Blue
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitorsOrange
MioticsDark Green
Mydriatics and cycloplegicsRed
Prostaglandin analoguesTurquoise